Professional Career Manager Training Overview

Training as a PCM is regarded as the pinnacle of training and professional development in the career management profession. Whether your goal is to be a career specialist, a career center manager, a “OneStop” career counselor, a private practice, or to define your own path, having the PCM training will help you achieve your goals. The purposes of the PCM training program are to:

  • Establish the body of knowledge for professionals in career management
  • Assess the level of knowledge demonstrated by career professionals in a valid, reliable, and consistent manner
  • Encourage professional growth in the field of career management
  • Serve the public by encouraging quality career management services

Economic conditions make skills development critical for individuals. Training, as an industry-recognized validation of skills, is a proven differentiator—whether the individual is a seasoned career professional seeking to demonstrate his or her value to their organization, or someone looking to break into the industry for the first time and start a private practice.

  • Peer-reviewed: A review board comprised of certified PCMs ensures that the skills and experience of each candidate meet the rigorous qualification standards.
  • Neutral: TalentGuard was developed by a team of globally-recognized industry leaders and is warranted through administration and oversight by a neutral organization.
  • Global: TalentGuard’s program offers a worldwide set of standards for qualifying the skills, knowledge, and experience of career professionals.
  • Portable: Because we are global and neutral, TalentGuard’s PCM training is “portable.” It is applicable wherever career professionals may choose to use it to distinguish their skills and experience.