“Linda Ginac is how and why I got started in Career Coaching almost four years ago. The superb program for career coaches she designed and developed, and in which I was certified, provides an opportunity for people to find a career where their capabilities, interests, values, needs and wants all converge. It is a clear, intelligently structured and very effective process through which people can be guided to find new and much more satisfying careers – some of which they may never have known existed! With the way the economy is growing, especially in Austin and the Silicon Valley, ‘Tis the season to get started. There couldn’t be a better time than now.”

Rich Giandana, PCM, MSBT
Principal, Executive Consultant and Career Coach at Giandana People Solutions

“Thank you so much for the great job you did facilitating the PCM course. When I signed up for the class I was not sure what to except…and the course exceeded my expectations. I gained so much knowledge on the complete process (cradle to grave as they say) to take a client from uncertainty on their career path to a very certain path with the confidence and “resilience” to keep their career on track hopefully for a lifetime (as you told us many times). I was able to start applying my skills in the job I have as an internal HR Director. Linda (Linda Ginac, CEO) of course did an amazing job at putting together a structure to follow which is incredibly fluid and flexible. It is a great tool to have in the tool kit, being able to utilize various modules of the process depending on the client’s situation. I look forward to continuing to apply my new found knowledge and helping many of the employees I support and clients I will have in the future with their careers. Thanks so much for openly sharing all of your knowledge and experiences. The stories and examples you shared were very beneficial and it deepened my knowledge and understanding of how to utilize the TalentGuard framework.”

Patty Jazayeri, PCM
Senior Director, Alcatel-Lucent Human Resources

“I wanted to let you know what a great experience it has been taking the extensive PCM course. The information is highly relevant and presented in such an organized way that it is easily retained and utilized. I consider this course data the foundation of my coaching career and use some portion of it daily. My litmus test for a quality learning experience is the ability to apply the subject matter studied. The PCM passes with flying colors! Thank you so much for such a quality product and materials that are the cornerstone of my professional success!”

Claudia Smith, PCM
Career Coach

“The Instructor-led PCM training course is by far the single most thorough, comprehensive and practical career management training program I have encountered in more than 20 years in the industry. We were given numerous materials, self-assessment quizzes and exercises to facilitate learning. The webinar maintained a progressive pace, engaged all the participants with timely questions and the time flew by. I gained many useful and practical tools that I can actually use. Thank you for the great training, outstanding materials and phenomenal teacher!”

Marjorie Wall Hofer, M. Ed., PCC, PCM

“I am so glad that I found this online career management certification course. I LOVE it and I absolutely love love love your PCM process. I am totally blown away! Great job on the program/course development AND on delivering the training too. The course is well laid out, the concepts are clear and there are real-life examples and demonstrations. You walk your talk. The content and delivery engage learners of all kinds. I also find it exciting for several other reasons too: 

  1. I help people and the leaders in organizations understand what they are passionate about and what drives them. Then I put together a plan and implement a cultural transformation process so that afterward everyone in the organization experiences increased job satisfaction and loves coming to work. There is a high degree of alignment regarding the approach and high-level processes in career management and my cultural transformation work which I find thrilling.
  2. It is a natural progression since I already do some informal career management coaching with leaders during my implementations and also sometimes with life coaching clients.
  3. The curriculum is stellar and the CM processes that you’ve developed are outstanding.

Thank you again for this remarkable course. I appreciate who you are!”

Kathryn Weldon, PCM
Consultant, Coach

“The PCM program would be a great value to most people promoting themselves as coaches. When I have the opportunity, I promote this class to everyone.”

Bill Shambrook MBA, PCM

“The TalentGuard Certification System was an immersion into talent management theory and practice. The information we obtained and the lessons learned are enabling us to implement a career management program in our organization.”

Charles Williams, PHR, PCM
Organizational Development, Austin Energy

“The TalentGuard PCM Training is amazing. Anyone who offers job placement or career assistance services should take this training. This is the most comprehensive body-of-knowledge I’ve found in the market! If you are in a role that provides career or job services to people, the PCM training program offers you a “Win-Win” outcome for you and your client by giving you a method of conducting business and tools that serve for a lifetime. How can you beat that!”

Linda Williamson, PCM
Workforce Development Manager, Non-Profit

It was great receiving a systematic approach and practical tools to help individuals navigate the career planning and transition process.”

Tracey Calloway, PHR, PCM
HR Manager, Corporate

“I found the TalentGuard course inspirational from both a management perspective in helping my team achieve their career goals, as well as an excellent training program to start my own career as a career coach.”

Monica Carson, CPA, PCM
Finance Manager, Whole Foods

“TalentGuard created a robust system for producing tangible results with people wanting career management and career transition support. The course engages on all levels as you hear the material, see it work, and then learn fully by solving real problems. When you complete the course, you have an excellent foundation of theory and practical skills and knowledge to propel your career in exciting directions and assist you in facilitating others in their career outcomes.”

Gail Hurt, PCM
Career Coach, Private Practice

“TalentGuard offers the most comprehensive career management methodology in existence today. The course covers concept and theory and also instructing on the execution; the “how to” that is so often missing in high-level curriculum. I walked away from this course having a complete framework to take clients through on their journey to the next career, from “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,” to “Thank you for helping me achieve the career that I want to jump out of bed for everyday.” Once I earned my PCM credential, I had immediate credibility with potential clients and was able to steadily grow my private practice, often receiving invitations to present to groups as well as create customized workshops based around the TalentGuard methodology. I would highly recommend the CMCS to someone who is considering a position in HR and or Counseling.”

Wendy Nolin, PCM
Career Coach, Private Practice

“After attending many certification courses (SPHR, Life Coaching, etc.), I must say the PCM course was one of the most organized and thorough body of knowledge in career development I have seen. The process made sense and built on our knowledge through lectures and experiential learning, the materials were outstanding for both the practitioner and the client. If helping people with their work is your passion, you would do yourself a huge favor by attending this course. When you’re certified through this program, you can be confident in your competence.”

Corliss McGinty, PHR, PCM
HR Manager, Corporate

“I would recommend the PCM Program to any professional looking for a comprehensive career management model. The intuitively ordered presentation, materials, and exercises introduce the model, develop the required coaching skills, and provide supportive tools. Those graduating know they can start coaching people from day one.”

Thomas Hogan, PCM, PHR
OD Consultant, Corporate

“This is the second training class that I’ve taken and it should have been the only one. It is the most comprehensive training program in the industry. I’ve increased the number of clients I see annually and increased my revenue significantly while doing something that brings me great satisfaction.”

Candice McNeil, PCM
Recruiter, Corporate

“The course on Career Management re-energized me in terms of what can be done to help people understand what they can and need to do to achieve a career plan. I am confident that the process works for clients as I have already helped people to move forward with a career plan.”

Brett Filson, PCM
Owner, Private Practice

“I obtained a Master of Education degree in May 2008 from The University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Counseling – specifically Career Counseling. I completed two internships in Career Counseling as part of my Master’s degree. However, even with the advanced degree, I felt as though I needed some additional education in certain areas. My degree taught me the fundamentals of counseling – which directly applies to a career counseling or career coaching profession. However, I felt as though I needed some additional direction on the action planning and implementation stages of career development process. Oftentimes career counseling will focus on the counseling conversations with the client and not focus as heavily on the action steps or implementation of the career plan. As a career coach, I wanted to focus on both the counseling and the action steps/implementation to help clients. without this designation, I don’t believe I would have started my own practice. I would not have had the information necessary in the career coaching field to successfully start my own practice. When people ask my qualifications, I believe it is a selling point to them to know I have both a Master’s degree combined with the PCM designation.”

Amy Wolfgang, PCM
Career Counselor, McCombs School of Business
Now in Private Practice

“The TalentGuard Certification System is a surefire method of taking the job seeker in transition and positioning them for a new career, a new job and a new life. Research methods, client exercises and evaluative techniques help the practitioner zero in on exactly what the client wants.”

Donna Woodard, PCM
Consultant, Private Practice