Why should you consider becoming a career coach? Or taking a training course that specializes in career coaching?

Statistics show that . . .

. . . 60% of people are dissatisfied in their current career.

. . . 80% of people aren’t in a job role that suits their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

. . . 51% of people feel that their organizations don’t provide clear visibility into the skills required for different roles and career paths.

. . . 72% of people don’t understand the skills required in their chosen career.

. . . 80% of students blindly pick majors & end up spending wasted time & money on an academic path that leads nowhere.

. . . 54% of college students drop out before finishing their degree program.

. . . most people mistakenly think that climbing up a corporate ladder is the only way to advance their career.

If you are in a position or want to be in a position to help individuals make better career management decisions, the PCM Certification Course is for you.

Are you in private practice?

  • Help professionals transition to a new job or a completely new career.
  • Help college students create a job search plan to boost their careers out of the gate.
  • Help young students identify dominant knowledge, skills, and abilities that map to specific careers before they choose a college and major, or direct them to a technical school instead.

Are you a career counselor in a high school or a university career center?

  • Help students identify meaningful academic choices that complement their desired career path.
  • Help empower students to proactively manage their careers and increase their chances of finding fulfilling work upon graduation.
  • Improve your delivery of career services to students and alumni.

Are you an HR practitioner, workforce development professional, or talent management specialist?

  • Assist employees in defining career paths within your organization.
  • Help employees identify their career assets and how to maximize them.
  • Increase engagement, retention, and productivity by helping match people to relevant roles

TalentGuard’s PCM® (Professional in Career Management) curriculum provides you with the resources, tools, and process necessary to become a career coachBy completing the PCM Certification Course and earning a PCM designation, you clearly demonstrate to employers, peers, and clients that you:

  • Are proficient in career coaching essential knowledge and principles
  • Keep abreast of the latest career management trends and practices
  • Uphold the highest professional and ethical standards